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The Dolmen Grove

The Dolmen Grove is a non profit organisation of mixed spiritual paths established in the early 90s by Taloch Jameson, which over the years has grown from one small circle in Weymouth Dorset, to several clans not only across the UK but worldwide.
The Spiritual Ethos of the Dolmen Grove has remained the same throughout and is based purely upon the Freedom of the Individual.

It is the collective belief that in an age where technology can often dwarf our humanity, it is important that we take control as individuals and embrace our own spirituality in order to maintain the equilibrium within an ever changing world.
Although the Grove is not a political organisation preferring instead to focus upon the spiritual, this does not prevent either individual members or the Grove as a collective from playing an active part in humanitarian and environmental issues.
There are no hierarchy or titles within the Dolmen Grove as it is our aim to encourage each man and woman to discover their own unique and authentic journey so that their spiritual connection is founded upon that which works for them as an individual rather than a spiritual rule book set for the masses.

The key to our success is the Round Table which is made up of around twenty people from a variety of spiritual paths who uphold the spiritual ethos of the Grove. They not only organise their respective moots but also the festivals and events hosted by the Dolmen Grove.

Our Moots are regular meeting places which are held once a month in several areas. Although these are organised by and largely attended by Grove members, non members are always welcome to find out more about the Grove and enjoy the company of other free thinking people as well as the activities organised by the Moot.

There is a membership in place that enables those who wish to be part of this ever growing Clan to enjoy reduced ticket prices for Dolmen Grove Events, festivals and where stated ‘member only’ Ceremonies and Courses. Although we host many Ceremonies which are open to the general public, to avoid press as well as over crowding we also hold member only ceremonies.

‘All are spiritually united within the Dolmen Grove.’

Chairwoman Diane Narraway 2013




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