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Membership to the Dolmen Grove will only be available throughout January and February.

The Dolmen Grove offers a lifetime membership, which simply means a one-off payment of £20 for those who wish to embrace and enjoy the freedom,
Clanship and the right to practice their own spiritual path within the Grove family. Full Members of the Grove will enjoy reduced rates for events such as Gatherings like the Beltane Spirit of Rebirth and Tribal Dreams, and to many other events when stated.

A Full member will receive a Membership Card and a unique Membership Number that identifies who they are when wishing to attend ‘Member Only Ceremonies’ and other Dolmen Grove Events.

The Dolmen Grove does not have a hierarchy, as we do not believe that people need titles or labels to follow a spiritual path; instead the spiritual ethos of the Grove is facilitated by a Round Table, a circle of people from all walks of life.

For further information on the Dolmen Grove and becoming a member please send an email to

The Dolmen Grove reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership.




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