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Wytches & Cunningfolk

The Dolmen Grove/Clan present a Gathering of Wytches & Cunningfolk,
This is not a music Festival but a gathering of spiritual people with the freedom to celebrate their own beliefs, and who choose to share a moment of their journey with like minded individuals.

Dolmen Grove Gatherings are not interested in how many stalls or people attend but the friendly and spiritual nature of those who attend. Likewise, the Wytches & Cunningfolk Gathering is about spiritual people bringing their magick to a circle so as to share and spread the simple rule of peace and love.

There will be Rituals, Meditations, Talks & Music of a spiritual nature, and above all the fellowship of Clansmen to celebrate life and their appreciation of all existence upon this Earth.

We cannot stress enough the fact that this is not a commercial camp, but a very earthy and pagan event dedicated to Dolmen Grove Clan Members.


Tickets per Person 40 Euro Per Person
Children 16 & Under Free accompanied by Adult or Adult Gaurdian.
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